Hello!  My name is Clare Bjork. 

I am a 4th grader at Sand Lake Elementary.  My favorite classes at school are art, music and recess.  I play softball on the Tri-county Little League team.  Softball is my favorite school sport.

My family has always had horses.  My mom is a barrel racer.  My dad is a farrier.  I started riding when I was 3 years old.  When I first started riding my mom and dad would take me camping with our horses and we would ride for hours. 

I am a 4-H member.  Last year was my first year camping at the Montcalm County Fair.  I have fun showing my dogs and horses at fair.  My favorite dog class is agility.  Agility is where we have to take our dogs through an obstacle course and the fastest one without missing an obstacle wins.  Agility is so much fun!  I like showing in all the horse classes but my favorite is the English classes.  I like dressing up in the English clothes.  Jumping classes are the most fun.

We have three horses.  My horse is a 13 year old quarter horse, his name is Legs.  He loves people and has a goofy personality.  Leg’s makes me laugh.  He tries to take my bracelet’s off my wrist or licks and bites my helmet when it’s on my head.  He is always getting into trouble and that is why I love him.

My family spends a lot of time going to rodeo’s.  I love everything about rodeo.  I have a lot of friends who rodeo and I look forward to hanging out with them.  I love riding in grand entry and carrying a flag.  My favorite event is barrel racing.  When I grow up I want to be a famous barrel racer.  You get to be famous when you are on T.V.

Thank you Cowgirl Dreams Co. for letting me share my dream with you.