Outside of 4-H, horses are my absolute favorite project!  I have owned horses for practically my whole life, but I recently bought my very own horse, Buddy, just over a year ago.  He taught me everything all over again...he's an angel and he will have a home forever!  He is the horse that got me into the team penning and barrel racing.  

After I thought I had the basics down, I bought a second horse this past September - his name is Bob - a step-up and now I participate competitively in Ranch Sorting and Penning, and barrel racing when I have a free weekend!  Both of my horses are very versatile and cooperative with everything I try and I am very thankful for that!  I can't wait to grow our partnerships even more to see where it can take us.

So, here is a little bit about me!  I am 18 years old and attending Oakland University as a full time student. Right now I am working extremely hard to get into the very competitive nursing program at Oakland so that I can fulfill my career dreams!  Along side school, I also hold a part time job at a horse farm feeding, cleaning and caring for 20 horses.

Hi there!  My name is Annaliess Kielman and I can't wait to be a Brand Ambassador for Cowgirl Dreams Co.!

I can't wait to start my journey with Cowgirl Dreams Co. and share all my adventures!

I do still hold some free time after school and work, and I typically try to spend it participating in my 4-H activities or riding my own two horses!  Since I am 18, I am close to aging out of 4-H but I am soaking up every last second I can get.  4-H has done so much for me and has most definitely helped shape me into the person I am today.

Over the years, I have shown many different project areas including rabbits, meat and show poultry, horses, goats, lambs, pigs, alpacas and even some craft projects.  If I had to pick a favorite area, I would go with the lambs!  They are so hands-on and the work you put into them definitely shines in the show ring, which makes it so worthwhile to see how far you have come.